I have been making photographs since 1949 and my first camera of any signifance was a Kodak Retina (don't recall which model). I began to process film around 1950 after finding a Montromery Ward Film Developing Kit under the Christmas tree. The next year my family moved from Okla. to Oregon and the High School was large enough to have a Photo Club which had a "real" darkroom, a couple of large view camers (11x14 I think) and two Speed Graphics. I learned a lot there and shortly found myself in the Navy and was fortunate enough to be sent to their Aerial Photography school at Pensacola, Florida. I served two years of my four on aircraft carriers and on a cruise to Hong Kong I purchased a Roliflex f2.8; my second camrea of signifance. A great camera and I still have it and use it occasionally. I always wanted to be a professional and I finally got a taste of that in 1995 when I opened a one hour photo lab and portrait studio. I soon realized that doing photography as a vocation seemed, at least for me, to take the real enjoyment out of it. I sold the business 5 years later and now enjoy shooting various and assorted stuff that interests me. I've been shooting and processing digital since 2000.